How to clean hair straighteners?

Ever bought and amazing set of hair straighteners maybe even the best hair straightener, then wondered how to keep them in the best condition? Below is a step by step guide on how to clean hair straighteners.


If your looking the best hair straightener advice and maintenance then look no further. 

1.     Make sure your hair straightener is completely switched off and wait until there is no heat coming from the product and it is cold. Always ensure that your hair straightener is not located near the following; water, small children, or any other sort of electrical danger.

2.     Clean the plates. Cleaning the plates is the most important part of How to clean hair straighteners. Depending on how much product you apply to your hair or how clean your hair is when you straighten it, and what temperature you use it at etc., you may find a small amount of dried up residue of hair products or dirt and oils that your hair naturally obtains. Usually this sort of brown coloured residue is found at the edges of the plates.

3.     This can easily be removed with a damp, clean cotton swab, ensure that the swab is damp and not wet through. You can use a damp, clean cloth to wipe down the surface of the plates. After you have removed the residue, you should dry the plates with a dry, clean cloth/paper towel.

4.      We advise you NOT to use any cleaning products, as they may have cause a bad reaction to your hair straightener’s ability and may cause damage to your hair.

5.     You must make sure that your hair straightener plates are completely dry before plugging them in and using them after they have been cleaned.

REMEMBER- if you buy the best hair straightener, you still need to make sure that it is well maintained and following the above instructions and the extra tips below, will help to increase your hair straightener’s lifespan!

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